​​​​​All Natural Honey​​

Raw Ohio Honey from Smith Homestead 

All Natural Honey is pure, raw, organic honey straight from the hive; nothing added, nothing taken away. Great honey is the product of healthy, happy bees. Honeybees gather nectar and pollen from the many species of wildflowers native to our area of Southwest Ohio. The rolling hillsides, meadows, and natural habitats provide a wide variety of nectar sources which makes for some really delicious honey.

​We do not use commercial pesticides and this helps to insure the health and continued survival of the honeybee colonies in our area. We do not use treatments or chemicals in the hives. We are not commercial honey producers and we believe that honey is bi-product of healthy bees. Bees make and store honey to sustain the colony through the winter and will sometimes make extra which we can then make available for sale.